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Moveology & Me. Finding the 'Happy Place'.

As a creative spirit I have never been very good with rules. Though I love order and discipline, my heart is uplifted by freedom, evolution and progression. Moveology is a reflection of this. Of all the unique qualities that each of us posses, the perfect blend of hard and soft, light and dark. I created Moveology for all of us.

Over the course of my life I have enjoyed a very colourful variety of movement practices. I dedicated myself to a few that spoke to me quite deeply, yoga, dance and strength training. Each of these forms taught me valuable lessons in life, helped me to reconcile the many parts of myself and our world. Most of all they have assisted me to cultivate happiness in all that I do. Movement and mindfulness are magic like that!

It was my desire to share what I have learned and continue to learn each day that prompted me to become a movement teacher. Moveology Yoga is my way of speaking to our world. Through its practice I truly believe everyone can uncover the joy that lies deep within.

Dedicating time and intention to our own well being is a path to real happiness. May we all find it.

Namaste Kylie

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